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is the automated collection system which makes life easier and more efficient for credit controllers, accountants, debt recovery agents, bookkeepers and in fact any business .

About Kiylo®

2008 - The Begining

The original software is refined and Cashflow Protector Version 2 is launched.

2011 - Pay as you go

Cashflow Protector’s Pay As You Go service is launched for clients who were hit by the recession and did not want to commit to a full year’s contract but still required ad-hoc help in chasing one-off late payments. This leads to partnerships with Kashflow Accounts and CheckaTrade which continue to recommend the Cashflow Protector service to members.

2013 - Full Credit Control

Due to popular demand, the team develops the system to provide a full credit control service which many businesses now benefit from.

The Big Bang

After many years spent advising organisations on debt recovery, Alan and his team realised that businesses often lacked the skills and time to effectively chase late payments. For many this resulted in financial headaches and having to resort to costly legal options just to get paid.

One day in 2006, while the rest of us were probably watching CSI and listening to Gnarls Barkley on the radio, the team came up with a unique, automated solution that could be accessed via the internet and would be intuitive to use. Cashflow Protector was launched...


The team felt that there were yet more benefits for businesses to be had from credit control software. They spent the last few years working hard behind the scenes, adding more features and flexibility, so that the software could be offered as a service in itself.

While we wanted to create a credit control service for the future, we also wanted a name which nodded to the past and the fact that credit control is as old as money itself. That’s why we went with KIYLO® – an ancient Cumbrian word for cash.

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